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Choose Kindness!

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

I’ve been hearing the phrase “don’t give a crap” a lot lately and I believe that is such a destructive way to think. I realize that the premise of the phrase is to not care about what mean people think of you, and that you should do you regardless of how others feel and I totally agree with that. The thing is when you get in the I don’t give a crap habit, it shows up in the way we treat one another, and also in the way we treat our self.

Did you know-- When we show or receive kindness and appreciation for others, our body releases feel good hormones and reduces our stress hormones.

When we feel good, and our stress is reduced, we are encouraged to continue, we have more energy, and we aren’t so prone to anxiety and depression.

We are made to care about others, we are made to help one another and be a part of something bigger than ourselves.

I came up with 60 ways we can live our day to day life giving a crap. I'm sure there are many more ways you can think of. Adopt an attitude of giving a crap, first in your own life, and then in the lives of others.

Leave me a comment and let me know how you show others and yourself how you give a crap.

Show appreciation * create a habit of letting people know how much you appreciate them and why *take someone out for coffee or lunch- no strings attach *bring someone a special treat *invite someone to your home for a visit

Show acts of kindness to your family members

*take over your kid’s chores for a day *buy someone a treat just because *make their favourite meal *on movie night, put on their favourite show *give them little gifts/flowers/chocolates for no reason *plan date nights *invite them on outings *let them choose what to do on an outing *show genuine interest in them and ask them to tell you about their day and their goals

Show acts of kindness to your friends *pick up the tab when out for lunch with a friend *if you see something a little something that reminds you of them, buy it for them *offer to help them with a project or chore *be available to help *make them a meal *bring them a treat *share healthy recipes *include them in your plans *let them choose what to do on an outing *show genuine interest in them and ask them to tell you about their day and goals

Show acts of kindness to strangers *pay it forward *pay for someone’s meal *pay for someone’s coffee/tea *give a big tip to someone who delivers your paper, mows your lawn, or shovels your snow. *give to a homeless person *mow someone’s lawn *shovel someone’s driveway *let someone ahead of you in the checkout line *pay for someone’s meal *pay for someone *smile and strike up a conversation

Show acts of kindness toward yourself

*regular bedtime *regular wake up *get together with friends *take time to yourself doing something you like to do *soak in the tub *exercise daily *eat well *read *get together with friends *laugh *get regular checkups

Volunteer *for your kid’s field trips *to work as an aid in your kid’s class room *to walk dogs at your local rescue * to help out at a nursing home or hospital *to help out at service clubs *to offer to run errands *to babysit so a mama can have some free time

*offer to drive someone where they need to know *to teach a class

Compliment and thank others *for the great job they’re doing *for their efforts *for their kindness *for their friendliness *for their willingness *for their teamwork

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