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No matter where you are in Canada or the US, meeting together is just a phone call or internet connection away. 



Clarity Session

In the clarity session you will learn what the Expect to Thrive programs are about and what you can expect from me as your Health Coach and I will learn about your struggles, goals and desired outcome. Together we will decide if working together is our next best step. 

With Coach: Linda Chalmers

(1) complimentary 30-minute phone session.



Expect to Thrive Online Challenge Group


We all need support and encouragement. We all need a little nudge to help us along our journey.  The challenge group was created just for that reason. 

Periodically, throughout the year, we come together and tackle a variety of health topics. 

Send me a message to receive email updates and notices for when the boot camps take place. 

With Coach: Linda Chalmers

Private Online Group



The 31-Day Kickstart Program


Our 31-day Kickstart Program program is designed to get you started on your health journey.  You'll learn skills and get the tools you need to get you from where you are, to where you want to go. 
Perhaps you need some added support, encouragement and accountability to get you back on track. If so, the 31-day Kickstart is just what you need. 

Using the same strategic 4-part system as our 12-week program, you'll soon be on your way to living a life you love. 





With Coach: Linda Chalmers

(4) 30-60 minute phone sessions



Take Charge of Your Health - Transformational Program


It's time to get serious about your health! 
When you fully embrace our 12-week Take Charge of Your Health Intensive Program, you will learn to become an active participant in your life. No more sitting on the sidelines. Imagine it - feeling stronger, lose weight, have mental clarity, reduce anxiety, reduce food-related illnesses, being able to do what you want, no longer allowing feeling like crap hold you back. 
Using a Strategic 4-Part System which includes, plant-based nutrition, letting go, mindset, and self-care, you are able to experience holistic wellness. 
Send me a message today and let's discuss your specific health concerns and you can how I can help you. 
12 weeks from now, you'll be so glad you did! 


With Coach: Linda Chalmers

(12) 30-60-minute phone sessions.


Client Directed Coaching 

You call the shots!

Custom Coaching is client directed, meaning that our sessions happen at your pace, covering what you would like to work on.

With Coach: Linda Chalmers

(12) 30-60-minute phone sessions



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