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Consistent Action Creates Change.

Oh boy, it was a crazy busy day;  I worked all day and then went for an appointment. I came home and made two pots of soup and had company. And now it's 10 pm, and I just sat down. I considered not writing anything today, but I remembered that I said I would make a post daily.

I've been inconsistent with posting for a while and want to change that. I can't build a habit by being inconsistent. I'm not saying you need to be perfect, but the more consistent you are, the more likely you will make a lasting habit. Consistent action creates lasting change.  


When you get into the habit of creating change in one area, you'll want to create change in another. When you build your good habit-making muscles, it'll get easier.  


Right now, I'm working at being consistent at posting daily and eating gluten-free (and plant-based, of course).


Where would you like to create lasting change?


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