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Thrive Regardless Of Your Circumstances!

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

At the beginning of December, my plan was to share 31 days of thriving through the holidays and into 2019, but instead I shared 5 days and then my world stopped short.

Someone very dear to me got sick and I'm spending my time taking care of, loving on and being the best I can be for my loved one. (I’m purposely being vague out of respect and privacy, so, please, don’t share names, information or circumstances in public)

Does that mean I can’t thrive through the holidays? No, it doesn’t mean that at all. It means that I need to make sure to take extra special care of myself. It means that I need to know when to put on the brakes and realize it’s perfectly OK to not expect so much of myself.

So, here’s my new list of 33 days/ways to thrive through the holidays regardless of your circumstances.

1- Pray – Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you (Psalm 55:22)

2- Get enough sleep- You need all the energy you can muster up when you’re super busy

3- Take time to relax – I love to watch Christmas movies or crank up the Christmas songs and sing

4- Do nothing

5- Delegate cleaning

6- Delegate shopping

7- Delegate wrapping gifts

8- Delegate cooking

9- Delegate planning the gathering

10- Consider a pot luck gathering

11- Be realistic, you cannot do it all – perfectionism is a myth and is destructive to your well being.

12- Let others bless you however they wish

13- Take a nap

14- Say no, without explanation

15- Eat healthy

16- Get in some kind of movement each day- walk, run, stretch, yoga, swim, climb stairs

17- Practice Gratitude – It is so easy to turn inward and only see our situation when our emotions are out of wack, so, it’s doubly important to think of the great things that are in your life. It helps you with perspective.

18- Find humor – laughing is good for the soul.

19- Do nothing

20- Go out with friends – it’s important to stay connected with others.

21- Spend time in nature – our home backs onto a field and we love being able to watch the deer

22- Have a long bath – I love to use Epsom salts infused with calming essential oils in the tub.

23- Play – do something fun or something you really enjoy

24- Give yourself permission to be sad – sadness is a normal emotion, it’s ok to express your feelings

25- Go to a mall and people watch and window shop- or am I the only one that likes to people watch?

26- Give yourself a spa day (at home or in a shop)

27- Let things go undone – people who love you won’t care. They want to celebrate with you, they want to spend time with you.

28- Break down your lists, chores, intentions, and work into small chunks- tackle a little bit each day.

29- Take it day by day – Don’t let your mind wander down the road. Nobody can predict tomorrow. Live for and enjoy today.

30- Wrap presents – the other day I locked myself in my room with a sappy Christmas movie and wrapped gifts, it was a little bit of therapy for me.

31- Cook or Bake – it’s a great way to spend time with your self, be creative and be productive all at the same time.

32- Give to others – when we bless others, we are blessed in return.

33- Finally, be kind to yourself!

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