Kindness for the win!

We could all use some extra kindness these days!

Did you know -- When we show or receive kindness and appreciation, our body releases feel-good hormones which reduce stress, anxiety and depression.

Feeling down? Do something nice for someone – including yourself. 😊

Let someone know how much you appreciate them

*for the great job they’re doing

*for their efforts

*for their kindness

*for their friendliness

*let someone know what they mean to you

Show acts of kindness to your family

*take over your kid’s chores for a day

*buy someone a treat just because

*make their favourite meal

*on movie night, put on their favourite show

*give them little gifts/flowers/chocolates for no reason

*plan date nights

*invite them on outings

*let them choose what to do on an outing

*show genuine interest in them and ask them to tell you about their day and their goals

Show acts of kindness to your friends

*pick up the tab when out for lunch with a friend

*if you see a little something that reminds you of them, buy it for them

*offer to help them with a project or chore

*be available to help

*make them a meal

*bring them a treat

*share healthy recipes

*include them in your plans

*let them choose what to do on an outing

*invite them for a walk

*show genuine interest in them

Show acts of kindness to strangers

*pay it forward

*pay for someone’s meal

*pay for someone’s coffee/tea

*give to those in need

*let someone ahead of you in the checkout line

*smile and strike up a conversation

Show acts of kindness toward yourself

*regular bedtime

*regular wake up

*get together with friends

*take time to yourself doing something you like to do

*soak in the tub

*exercise daily

*eat well



*get regular checkups


*to offer to run errands

*offer to pick up groceries

*to pet sit

We are made to care and help one another and be a part of something bigger than ourselves.

Let me know some ways that you have shown or received kindness.

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