Updated: Apr 5, 2019

Over the past several months I spent a lot of time vising a loved one in the hospital. There were a lot of older folks in the hospital and when I talked to the people visiting them, I learned that their people were in the hospital because they couldn’t live at home anymore and they were waiting for a space to open in the nursing home. The nursing homes are full and some of these folks had been waiting months for a space to open.

It made me think of the baby boomers who are defined as anyone born between 1946 -1965.

I’m a boomer, in fact, in Canada, 29% of the population or 9.2 million or 1 in 10 people are baby boomers. That’s a whole lot of us.

In 2019, the oldest boomer will be 73, while the youngest will be 54, many have retired, and may be starting to face significant health challenges.

Our parents are requiring nursing home care and there aren’t enough spaces, just imagine what it could be like as the boomers age and require extra care, will our health care system be able to keep up?

The Canada Food Guide has made some awesome improvements this year, recommending that people eat more whole, plant foods and drink water as beverage of choice. This is a very good start!

But you and I have a responsibility to do the best for ourselves!

You have a responsibility to say yes to what promotes health, and say no to what harms. You really can’t afford to take a lac a daisy approach to our health care.

The boomers have been a take charge generation and we’ve accomplished a lot for our world (cell phones, world wide web, portable dialysis machines and Viagra to mention a few.

I’m well aware that we’re all getting older, but do you want to just live a longer life, or do you want to live a healthier life, perhaps even your best life as you age?

Do your part, not only to improve your life, but also to improve the future of our health care and our world. We’ve done well, let’s not stop now!

I can tell you with all honesty. I feel better at 58 than I did at 50. I am getting older, and I decided to do my part to live my very best life at every age, and I dare say, it’s been working out fantastically!! Check out to read my story


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