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Blown Away!

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

Since 2013 I’ve been eating a diet of whole, plant foods so I could live a healthy, vibrant life and I feel better than I have in years. The funny thing is, when you get healthy in one area, you want to get healthy in every area of your life as well.

I’ve been eating well and feeling amazing, but I was still using toxic personal and household products that were harmful to me, my family and our home.

A year ago, my daughter invited me along to a Young Living Essential Oil come and go that she was invited to.

The room was set up with a variety of products that you could experience, it was an inviting, informal environment and the host was very willing to answer any questions I had.

The Young Living products intrigued me because they are plant based, free of harmful chemicals, 100% pure therapeutic grade and their mission is to “foster a community of healing and discovery while inspiring individuals to wellness, purpose, and abundance”.

Their mission is very similar to mine which is to inspire, empower and support people to take charge of their health so they can live their best life at every age.

Young Living stands for everything I believe in; plant based, toxic free, a safe way to clean my body and home and a great mission of wellness --- I signed up to become a wholesale member (no membership fee) with Young Living and I have been switching out our toxic products for products that are non-toxic, safe, smell great, and clean amazing. Young Living oils offer support in so many ways and we are regularly amazed how well they work for us.

I’m so happy to be creating a healthy environment from the inside out.

To sign up as a wholesale member (no sign-up fee), so you can get these amazing products and oils and begin making the switch to take the toxins out of your home and environment, just follow the link and start switching it up!!

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