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A whole food way of eating consists of eating plant food low in calorie density and rich in nutritional density. 

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Your home, work, and relationships are an essential part of your health.

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Confident Woman

Bryan from Ontario, Canada



Working with Linda has been the best thing that I could have done for myself.

I have been a Type 2 Diabetic for 7 years and was starting to give up.

Taking this 12-week journey taught me how to care for myself and look at life in a whole new way, and be able to appreciate what I have.

Today I no longer take 2 oral diabetic medications. I also no longer administer insulin. I have a new mindset on living, and I can truly say that I will live a longer and happier life.

I’m living proof!

Connie from Alberta, Canada

I started working with Linda because I really wanted someone on MY team! I needed someone to hold me accountable for my actions, cheer me on, and have someone knowledgeable about a plant-based diet. 

After going through the program, I have way less mood swings, I can think more clearly, I have way more energy, and I’ve become a healthier role model for my girls. Linda taught me so much about mindfulness and eating plant-based.

You have impacted my entire life. Not just with eating better and lifting weights, but you have taught me how to take on the world with a whole new mindset. You truly are a beautiful soul. ❤️

Love and light

Vern from Manitoba, Canada

I had several health concerns including, bad liver, diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. I choose to go through the Expect to Thrive 12- week program with Linda because I was hoping to get rid of my health ailments. I’ve made a lot of changes to my diet and how I feel about myself and all my health concerns are reversing. I enjoyed the helpful advice with diet and meal prep and I would recommend Linda to others.


Focusing on self-care will help improve your overall health. When you don't focus on self-care, other areas of health suffer as well.

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It's essential to move your body for mental and emotional clarity and physical benefits.

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